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EAS stands for Electronic Article Surveillance. It is a form of RFID technology based on one bit with either on or off state. Another form is the Close Caption Camera TV (CCTV). EAS technology is called theft prevention technology and uses a protection devices that are passive, active, or semi active. When the EAS device is passed to a detection zone while it is in guarding state an alarm is then turned on. The EAS device can be put in non guarding state so when taken to detection zone no alarm incident should occur. The EAS device is usually attached to protected merchandise and is assumed to be in guarding state as long as the protected merchandise is inside the retail store and is not paid for. The EAS device can be turned off if the merchandise is paid for so no alarm incident should take place.                               <TOP>



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EAS systems utilize electronic circuits that generate electronic signals unique to certain application. These signals are multiplexed between various system components and conditioned for a decision to be made by certain rules dictated by a microprocessor or a DSP element. Signals are passed from one system component to another via cables, magnetically, by induction, or over the air. The goal of the process is to provide asset protection and management for the end user.                                                                                       <TOP>




Hangzhou Sunrise Electronic Co., LTD.

The best EAS manufacturer in China who developed RF 8.2M TX-RX, RF 8.2M MONO, and AM 58K Systems.


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